Béres Vineyards and Winery - A Timeline

The birth of our wine estate. The family decides to establish a winery in the Tokaj wine region. Dr József Béres and his wife Klára purchase a 90‑hectare plot outside the town of Erdőbénye, 10 hectares of which is arable land. The road to our successful present will be a long one.



Wine plantation commences. The Béres Vineyards and Winery joins the list of the largest private wine estates of the Tokaj wine region.

The production area will have grown to 45 hectares by 2005, including a half‑hectare plum plantation.


The first harvest at the Béres Vineyards. A resounding success. The first vintage of Béres Lőcse Furmint receives high accolades at Hungarian and international events in the form of 11 prizes.  It was named the White Wine of the Festival at the Budapest International Wine and Champagne Festival, it also received the Best in Class designation at the International Wine&Spirit Competition, and was awarded with the Trophée Prestige at the Les Citadelles du Vin. This dry white wine reinforced the mission of the venture: to do our best to produce the best, made from the best. 

Klára Béres is a founding member of the Tokaj Associated Women In Wine, established late in the year. Comprising ladies passionate about the region, the primary mission of the association is the promotion of Tokaj wines and the unique treasures of the Tokaj wine region to the world.


The establishment of the wine plantation and the construction of the buildings progresses simultaneously, the latter will serve as the operational area where modern, high‑quality wine production takes place and guests, visitors are received.

2006 marks the completion of the 3,000-square-metre Estate Centre designed by Anthony Gall and is unique both in the aesthetics of the design and the details. The building complex combines a sense of belonging to the region and its traditions with high‑quality, cutting‑edge architecture.

The Estate Centre opens in May this year. The event is highlighted by the attendance of ex‑President of Hungary Ferenc Mádl and the Mayor of Lőcse.


The year 2007 brings recognition and success for our young winery: Anthony Gall and his team are awarded with the Pro Architectura Award for the designs of the Estate Centre. The buildings win Construction Industry Award of Excellence in the industrial and commercial building category.

The Béres Vineyards and Winery is named “Winery of the Year” by wine journal Borigo.

We produce our first cuvée wines, Naparany and Magita Cuvée.


In the 16th century our famous Lőcse‑dülő was owned by the royal free town of Lőcse, and we have considered it important to re‑establish this historical connection between the hill and the town. The estate founders return the Mayor of Lőcse’s 2006 visit. They present Mayor Miroslav Vilkovský with a decorative carved barrel adorned with the family crest symbolising the historic connection between the town of Lőcse and wine estate.


The first bottles of Holdezüst Cuvée hit the shelves.

Our 5- and 6-puttonyos aszú wines come out under the name Vitis Tokajensis. The name is a tribute to the eponymous ancient grape variety, Vitis Tokaiensis of the Miocene era, the fossilised remains of which have been unearthed in Erdőbénye.

At an audience Cardinal Péter Erdő presents Pope Benedict XVI with a selection of the best aszú wines of our winery.


Preserving and nurturing our values has always been important to us. In this spirit we take measures to preserve and maintain the remains of old buildings and cellars within the Estate. This includes a bifurcated earth cellar explored during the plantation works at Lőcse‑dűlő, the soil catchment ditch that collects the loose dirt carried by rainwater running down the hillside, and the remnants of a building in Omlás‑dűlő. This building is renovated and made into a sacral space, consecrated as the Chapel of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.


Our 2007 Béres Lőcse Furmint is given the highest score amongst all tested dry white wines (93) in Neil Martin’s test on the website of renowned international wine journalist Robert Parker. By now the Lőcse Furmint has already been regarded amongst the flagship wines of the Béres Vineyards and Winery.


The inaugural Bor, Mámor, Bénye Festival is organised by the local wineries of Erdőbénye, including the Béres Vineyards and Winery. During the three‑day event the winemakers open the gates of their wineries and cellars to the public for wine tasting and a wide range of cultural and gastronomic events. The Bor, Mámor, Bénye grows into a popular festival of the Tokaj wine region.



The focus in 2010 is on the expansion of our sales channels. Selling our products on international markets is now more of a focal point.

The brand image receives an overhaul with a streamlined and fresh set of bottle labels. 

This year also brings our winery professional success: our 2007 6‑puttonyos aszú is designated a Gold Wine at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and our 2008 Omlás Furmint is awarded with a Gold Medal at the VinAgora International Wine Competition.


This year marks the 400th anniversary of the first written record of the Furmint grape cultivar – to commemorate the anniversary we produce an exclusive 400‑bottle batch of Furmint and call it Furmint 400.

The first Béres champagne, Pezsegő hits the shelves, and the non‑alcoholic Béres Must is introduced.

The Béres Vineyards and Winery launches its Facebook page.

The Tokaj Renaissance Association elects Melinda Regéczy-Béres its president.


2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Béres Vineyards and Winery.

Our Winery is invited to wine presentation events organised by the Embassy of Hungary in Beijing. These events present us with remarkable opportunities to introduce our wines to the local wine sellers and wine journalists.

The Béres Vineyards and Winery is a founding member of the re‑established Confrérie de Tokaj.


The route of the first Saint Urban pilgrimage includes Erdőbénye. Klára Béres plays an active role in bringing the pilgrimage to the town through the Tokaj Associated Women In Wine. The pilgrimage takes the relic of the patron saint of grapes and wine to many settlements of the Tokaj wine region.

Melinda Regéczy-Béres is elected member of the Council of Wine Communities of the Tokaj Wine Region.


2014 is a hugely successful year for us in terms of our wines:

Our 2008 6‑puttonyos Béres Aszú is awarded a Regional Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Our 2013 late harvest Sárgamuskotály wins the Quadris Award, the most prestigious prize of the 13th National Syngenta Wine Competition.

The Béres Vineyards and Winery participates in the Great Tokaj Wine Auction in Sárospatak. The wine‑loving bidders are treated to two Gönc cask batches (136 litres each) of our 2013 late harvest Sárgamuskotály to bid on.


The Béres Vineyards and Winery is voted Most Beautiful Vineyard of Hungary. The prestigious title is presented by the Bor és Piac (Wine and Market) magazine.

Our winery wins the Hamvas‑fürt Award for the Art of Wine Making which was established to honour winemakers and wineries that raise wine making to artistic levels.


The Béres wines get a new look. The image of our wines is now consistent across the entire range with a look that represents the winery through “Béres” design elements. 


Our 2008 5‑puttonyos Béres Tokaji Aszú is designated a Gold Wine at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).

The 2010 5‑puttonyos Tokaji Aszú is also awarded a Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge, also hauling in the Hungarian Sweet Trophy and International Trophy Winner titles.

Our 2011 5‑puttonyos Béres Tokaji Aszú brings home the Quadris Award, most prestigious award of the Syngenta Wine Competition.


We establish a 1.8‑hectare quince orchard. It will provide the main ingredient of our new premium‑category pálinka.


The Béres Estate celebrates its 15th anniversary.

To celebrate 15 March, a national holiday of Hungary, Dr. József Béres and Klára Béres present every citizen of Erdőbénye with a Hungarian national tricolour.


Thanks to the Széchényi 2020 Programme the winery installs a new bottling line.  

Our 2015 Naparany is chosen as The Wine of the Hungarian Parliament.

Commercial Director of the Béres Vineyards and Winery Dávid Regéczy is elected member of the Council of Wine Communities of the Tokaj Wine Region.


The “Wine-Growing Man and Nature” educational trail opens. The trail introduces the beautiful Lőcse‑dűlő and its natural treasures to its visitors.

Sad news: the age‑old, emblematic walnut tree of the estate is no more. It is replaced by a new sapling.


Two new products: the Holdezüst sparkling wine and the Béres Brut Nature champagne are introduced.

Our 2013 6‑puttonyos Béres Tokaji Aszú scores 97 points and is thus designated a Platinum Wine at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Our 2011 5‑puttonyos and 2008 6‑puttonyos Béres Tokaji Aszú wines are selected for the campaign of the “Made in Hungary” Top Gastronomy Association. The campaign aims at promoting foie gras dishes and Tokaji aszú wines with the involvement of the best Hungarian restaurants.


Our pálinka products – quince, sárgamuskotály grape, plum and Aszú pomace – made of ingredients produced at the estate, hit the shelves.

Nearly 40 years old, the wine plantation on the lower slopes of the hill is replaced with new vines.

Our 2016 6‑puttonyos Béres Tokaji Aszú is selected Wine of the Hungarian Parliament.


The wood of the emblematic old walnut tree that died in 2018 is turned into four monumental compositions by local wood sculptor László Égerházy. In a way this old walnut tree lives on, carrying the family credo and mission, and also is an embodiment of the history of Erdőbénye. One of the sculptures depicts the famous local legend of Magita.


The re‑planting of the old plantation in Lőcse vineyards continues.

Our 2017 Lőcse Furmint is named Wine of the Hungarian Parliament.


The 20th anniversary of the Béres Vineyards and Winery.

The branding of the company gets an overhaul, including a new logo. The drop motif on the bottle labels is now a key part of the new image design. The curved lines in the logo represent the hill slopes, as the wine is “born” within the drop shape.

We have a new website including a new webshop.

The renovation of the Lőcse vineyard is complete.

Melinda Regéczy-Béres is elected President of the Bor-Vidék Tokaj-Hegyalja NGO at their autumn general meeting.