Managing Director

I joined Béres Vineyards and Winery in 2012 as Commercial Director. I took over the position of Managing Director from my wife, Melinda, in 2023. For over a decade now, we have worked together to make our winery increasingly well-known, recognised, and successful. Serving the Tokaji brand is a shared family affair. A secure and stable background, as well as excellent working conditions, provide me with the environment in which I can professionally thrive. You can never be bored at a winery. No two years are alike, and I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each vintage. With constantly changing environmental factors, it is a significant challenge to produce the same outstanding quality year after year. For me, this gives strength every year to come up with new product ideas. I find our sparkling wines truly special, and we are now working on a new, promising dry estate wine.

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I became the head of Béres Vineyards and Winery in 2010, and I delved into this work with great joy and passion. In 2012, my husband, Dávid, also joined us, and from then on, we worked together for the success of our winery. After the birth of our children, the managerial tasks increasingly fell on him, and he officially took over this position in 2023. I was given a role again in our parent company, Béres Pharmaceuticals, where I continue my work as the Deputy Director of Communication. Of course, I do not want to “leave” Béres Vineyards and Winery permanently; my job still involves handling communications tasks related to the winery. Béres Vineyards and Winery means much more to me than just a workplace; it is a place where it feels good to be and where I am proud to contribute. I cannot say which of our wines is my favourite; I always choose the most appropriate one for the occasion and situation.


Chief Winemaker and Estate Manager

Growing up in Sárospatak, grape and wine were part of my everyday life from a young age, so it was clear that I would become a winemaker. I have been working at Béres Vineyards and Winery since September 2012, arriving right in the middle of the harvest season. There is a lot in Erdőbénye that captivates me. I can work in a wonderful environment, as part of a great team, where we look at each other not just as colleagues but also as friends. I was given the opportunity at Béres Vineyards and Winery to professionally thrive, learn, create, and make wines I can be really proud of. Nothing compares to the feeling when I can create something that is also a source of joy for others, something that wine lovers are happy to taste, and which is also recognised by the industry. I am especially proud of my Aszú wines, these are the wines that I consider the most beautiful right now.

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Commercial Director

I usually say that my destiny was pre-written: both of my parents come from notable Hungarian wine regions, my mother from Eger, my father from Tokaj – I was born out of the love of two wine regions. My path to Béres Winery was not straightforward, but since joining the team in 2017, I feel I could not be in a better place. I love working with the Béres family because what they have done for the wine region in the past twenty years is exemplary and what they stand for is incredibly authentic. I am glad to be part of a well-coordinated team where the owners are passionate about winemaking, and we can write the future together. I feel good in the environment where I spend my days: restaurateurs, hoteliers, winemakers, merchants, sommeliers – I feel I find common ground with everyone. My days are varied; I enjoy constantly being on the move and not being tied to one place. Just as I could not choose between my two sons, so it is with the wines: it greatly depends on where I am, with whom, and what comes before and after, but the good thing is that I can always find something to my liking from the Béres assortment.

Attila GÖTZ

Viticultural Manager

I joined Béres Vineyards and Winery in March 2018. I love working here: the team is great, and it means a lot to me to be in a well-organised, beautiful place day after day. Long-term commitment to the Tokaj wine region is important for me, as well as the stable background I get for my work. Many little things influenced my decision to become a viticulturist over the years. I enjoy the flexibility and variety in my work the most. From spring, the sunrise determines my work start time, so I can truly live in harmony with nature. I enjoy having my morning coffee in the office before heading out into the field. Currently, Béres sparkling wines are closest to my heart, but I always look forward to new creations.

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