Béres Tokaji Diókút Hárslevelű

Béres Tokaji Diókút Hárslevelű

A firm Hárslevelű with a cool character from the Diókút vineyard in Erdőbénye. An energetic wine with fresh acidity, light body, notes of apricot, minerality, and green herbs, beautifully integrated with the nuances imparted by the barrel.

0,75 l
Alcohol content
11,53 %
Acid content
5 g/l
Residual sugar
4,5 g/l

Hárslevelű selected from the Diókút vineyard in Erdőbénye. Some of it was harvested earlier, fermented using reductive techniques to preserve the wine’s fruitiness and varietal character. Another part of the harvest was riper, pressed, fermented in barrels, and aged for 3 months. We then blended the wines produced using different methods and continued aging in bottles.

Following a mild and dry winter, concerns arose due to frost in March. Subsequently, the weather turned significantly warmer compared to the average, which accelerated the vegetation period. Summer was hot and very dry, leading to an early harvest that started on 22 August, more than three weeks ahead of schedule. The harvest weather was suitable for the season, with little precipitation. The grapes were of good quality, and the yields reached record levels that year.

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