Béres Tokaji Naparany Cuvée

Béres Tokaji Naparany Cuvée

The estate’s great dry cuvée is born from the blending of Tokaj region’s two main grape varieties, Furmint and Hárslevelű. It is a rich, mature, yet lively and fruity wine, surprisingly vibrant and fresh for its age.

0,75 l
Alcohol content
12,28 %
Acid content
7,1 g/l
Residual sugar
7,1 g/l

In this wine, the two main grape varieties of the Tokaj region were blended in a 55% to 45% ratio. The Furmint, which makes up the larger quantity in the blend, was fermented in barrels, while the Hárslevelű was made reductively, exclusively in tanks. After blending the two separate batches, the wine was further aged for 3 months in barrels made from Zemplén oak, and then bottled.

Following a mild winter, the first period of the year brought substantial precipitation.  The weather was cooler than average until the end of May. Following this, the weather developed favourably according to the season. Harvest began on 15 September, yielding healthy grape clusters for our sparkling base and dry wines. Significant aszú development appeared in our vineyards due to heavy rainfall in early October. As a result, both our sweet Szamorodni and Aszú wines were made in exceptionally high quality.

The name “Naparany”, meaning "Sun gold" is derived from a poem by the well-known Hungarian poet László Nagy, entitled “Elhúllt bolondok nyomán” (In the wake of dead fools), which was dedicated to Dr. József Béres Sr.

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