Béres Tokaji Méthode Traditionnelle Extra Brut

Béres Tokaji Méthode Traditionnelle Extra Brut

Extremely fresh, vibrant sparkling wine made from 100% Hárslevelű. Extra brut category, therefore very dry, playful yet elegant and rich due to the notes of citrus, white flowers, pear, and apple. You will certainly ask for another glass.

0,75 l
Alcohol content
11,5 %
Acid content
6,41 g/l

Sparkling wine made 100% from Hárslevelű grapes, using traditional sparkling wine methods. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed with a maximum of 1 bar pressure. The must was fermented at 16°C using specific yeast. After the sparkling process and 24 months on lees, 2.5 grammes of expedition liqueur were added at disgorgement.

The winter was much milder and drier than average. The spring season brought the rain expected. The temperature was appropriate for the season, but turned extremely hot by the end of May. The temperature during the summer months was as we expected; this was only occasionally interrupted by torrential storms, which caused serious erosion damage. The harvest began on 4 September. The weather during the harvest was extremely favourable; therefore, in addition to the excellent base wines for sparking wines, exceptionally beautiful Aszú wines were also produced this year.

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